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Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. I still have a Linux machine at home. Go directly to shout page. There are many different autonomous departments of HP, the quality of servers aren’t affected in any way by the poor quality of HP monitors – they are from two very very different set of engineers, manufactured in different locations, etc. Now he … South African rugby news, fixtures, results, video, interviews, and more. Will you continue offering the OS under the “hobbyists” license? Nobody will buy a product that takes a few hours to boot. If I buy something entry level from Sun or SGI I can be sure it will be top of the line (even if it is Intel or Linux). I’m hoping once Linux 2.6 comes out someone will develop a nice GNOME GUI for controllong stand-by settings, etc. More like 5%. If “decades of cruft” means everyday features, I rather have the cruft and leave BeOS behind, thank you very much. We write software for the Alpha/Tru64 and its been fairly painless – we’ve even managed to help Compaq/HP sell decent spec servers (multiprocessor ES40/ES45’s and better) on the basis of how well our compute codes run on it. Your loss. So an OS can be engineered to do just about anything. Christophe de Dinechin: Frankly, I can’t tell you. Unless I missed something though, I’m not sure we can say for sure whether or not the database was clustered — running flat out oracle or OPS the way the Sequent boxes did. 6:26. We can't show you this lyrics snippet right now. Christophe De Margerie, CEO of Total . Markets dictate which products live and which ones are retired, but I’m not alone in the belief that tru64/Alpha is/was far superior to HP-UX/PA-RISC. Can’t think of any quick way to explain the concepts without pretty ASCII pictures. BeOS is too slow now! Now! Where does the OS is mostly used? PS Any chance that the PRE tag could be added to the “allowed HTML” list? In that sense, Linux on Itanium is an “HP-developed OS”. HP supports a whole range of OSes, from VMS to Tru64 and Linux, Windows etc. SNIPERS - Interviews de Jean-Christophe Hembert, Jackie Berroyer et Diane Dassigny 05/21/12 . Françoise Christophe was born on February 3, 1923 in Paris, Ile-de-France, France as Françoise Marie Christophe. What is HP-UX’s main market? :0). Are there plans to replace CDE with something else? 10. Institut de la Main, Paris Christophe Mathoulin was president of the 2014 Congress of the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH) held in Paris. It would have been a darn cool machine if it weren’t for the price (close to $1000 for a CD player? Pleaaaase? TruCluster continues to be the best clustered UNIX offering, way better than MC Service Guard. It uses network components as part of FreeBSD. Connaitre tout sur l’histoire de ce garçon né dans la région parisienne, qui arrivera à force de travail et de passion à décrocher plus de 10 titres mondiaux, plus de vingt titre en France et en Europe et à … In 20 years, expect that the average PC will take anywhere between 2 hours and 10 days to boot. During his career he has collaborated with diverse artistically celebrated artists such as. When Jean-Christophe Babin arrived in Switzerland at the end of 2000 to take over as Tag Heuer's CEO, he settled his family with 3 children on the shores of Lake Geneva and started working in earnest to discover a new industry – watchmaking. Interview, en amont de la rencontre, du journaliste musical Christophe Basterra. HP/UX have a better Web server than Apache (I know that is not GNU but is Open Source)? And too long and not-understandable. Watch the video for Interview De... from Christophe's Aimer Ce Que Nous Sommes for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. 2 Print This Post E-Mail article. That is the point of a brand. The Unix Hater’s handbook rightfully calls this kind of software: “complex non-solutions to simple non-problems”. Commercial offerings on the other hand have a “sense of purpose”, a strategic direction. The GPL can be restrictive, too. Official tennis player profile of Christophe Van De Weghe on the ATP Tour. Added to . Well, it is your consumer choice, but frankly, you are limiting yourself from one very competitive company. Mr Jeffrey Boulier wrote: “Well, no. Jean-Christophe Hérault, senior perfumer at IFF, explains the implications of what is sometimes referred to as a revolution. ”, It was one non-clustered result: 5. Naturally, during that time, HP-UX will start integrating some of the strengths of Compaq’s offering. If you have an ACPI system, just put your system to sleep (suspend to RAM) and you get a near instant start-up, plus no need to close down all your apps. By the way, I don’t really like calling Linux systems “GNU/Linux”, simply because it’s long in the mouth. The GNU people are very much anti-corporate or anything non-free in the FSF sense. Well, it might be faster, but not by a whole lot. I probably wouldn’t use OSX much without bash, gmake, gnu tar, gzip, gcc or emacs! With words, you can select about 10,000. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Les Grandes Eaux Musicales de Versailles - Christophe Rousset, Les Talens Lyriques on AllMusic - 2008 - For musical fun from the gran siècle -- that… Even RMS wouldn’t call BSD “GNU/BSD”; although it assimilated some GNU tools much of it’s userland and all of it’s kernel is BSD. Today we host an interview with Christophe de Dinechin, Software Architect in HP-UX (Software business unit, Infrastructure Solutions).Most of you already know HP-UX, the leading “traditional” UNIX today feature-wise (second only to Solaris in Unix market-share, mostly competing with AIX). He died on April 16, 2020 in Brest, Finistère, France. VENICE 2014: In his ninth feature film, presented at Venice Days, the French director Christophe Honoré transports Ovid's poems to the modern-day suburbs . Hmmm, I guess I just made a comparison between HP-UX business and entropy there :-/. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Les Paradis Perdus - Christophe on AllMusic - 2004 Yes, there’s AMD efforts which provide 32/64-bit backwards compatibility (Intel are catching up with that towards the end of the year), but in 5 years time, I suspect the Itanium family will be the #1 64-bit server chip out there. COVID-19 Resources. If you are caught between a lion and a leopard, you don’t start asking “Who’s the most dangerous”, you think about ways to fight both or have them fight each other. Did anyone notice that he admitted that he prefered to use Apple OS X as a desktop at home? No, it isn’t. It might come sooner than you think to a PDA near you. The guy likes WindowMaker. 26 févr. Very sad news from France – RIP Christophe Dominici, one of the best of his generation and a tragic loss for the … That stack of dual processor systems is certainly cheaper, too. So it’s a well-balanced Unix. ”. Let’s all keep in mind that this guy is an HP-UX Engineer. Isn’t Tru64 still a better Unix than HP-UX will ever be (probably had more customers too before Compaq/HP started to provaricate over the future OS roadmap) ? To take your example, I’m not sure what open-sourcing HP-UX would bring to customers. Also, are all OS features available in the Itanium architecture as they are for the PA-RISC one? 2. >and never fought its way back to the top. I like many of his works—he made all the great Humiecki & Graef perfumes, he made some weird and attractive S-Perfumes, he followed Grenouille's mad unscented path with the limited edition coffret Le Parfum … It’s really good for anybody interested in OS design. Cotton Runway: 60 Second Fashion Show 09/05/17 . Do you know any background info about this track? Do you feel that CDE fits the bill as a modern desktop environment today? Why was that? It’s an HP DE200C. Also, many BSD users do not consider GNU software to be ‘Free’ in comparison with BSD based software. OS X is based on Next interface. Is not 600.000 tpmC @ 32 procesors very amazing compared to 750.000 tpmC @ 64 proc? Christophe de Dinechin: The short answer is: “enterprise computing”. And I’m not just saying that to help my friends. They can run on anything from watches or toasters to supercomputers. Ex-programmer, ex-editor in chief at, now a visual artist/filmmaker. He’s talking about servers, not about desktops…. ”. Well, no. He keeps referring to *ALL* open source *nix clones as “GNUs”, (And GNU zealots, please don’t start with the “*BSD wouldn’t be anywhere without GCC” bull-crap). Issued on: 25/01/2013 - 18:53 Modified: 28/01/2013 - 11:53. [i]. . Trained in Marseille, he earned his surgical stripes in Paris as a hand surgery specialist focusing on wrist pathologies. Linux will have 50%+ of that 64-bit server market and the rest doled out between Solaris and Windows primarily…, I guess that explains why you’re not an analytic. I looked at the article. Like; Share; Add; Source; May 21, 2012; Flag. With Christophe we discuss HP-UX’s competition, the other… 5 OSes HP supports with its various products, the Itanium platform and more. Ghost Doll - The Long Way 02/19/12 . About us. I respectfully disagree, but I admit that my choice of nomenclature is largely a matter of personal preference. 376 views . Linux will have 50%+ of that 64-bit server market and the rest doled out between Solaris and Windows primarily…, Yes, there’s AMD efforts which provide 32/64-bit backwards compatibility (Intel are catching up with that towards the end of the year), but in 5 years time, I suspect the Itanium family will be the #1 64-bit server chip out there. 60s. Do you think that releasing the source of HP-UX or any other of the HP-developed OSes is compatible with your strategy or not? Françoise Christophe, Actress: Les trois mousquetaires: Première époque - Les ferrets de la reine. For our sector (molecular modelling, informatics) raw power is paramount and this platform certainly delivers. The insides are based on Darwin and is GPL. But we are supposed to reach at least parity soon, and we are working on it. “Do you see HP-UX eventually being phased out in favour of Linux?”. For example, a database running TPC-C on a NUMA cluster of 32 two-way systems would kick in the teeth of a real 64 processor box, ceteris paribus. Again, HP tends to be very practical. Many monitors though matter the brand, both LCD and CRT in very very different ways die out faster than counterparts even from the same model family! Linux doesn’t scale exactly as well as HP-UX, and it’s user interface is not yet as consistent and newbie-friendly as MacOS X. Frankly, if BeOS had a vector graphics system – would it be near as fast as OS X? But today, any BSD system needs GNU stuff to be really usable. What in your opinion, OSes will be able to do in 10-20 years from now that today can’t, technically-speaking? Sweeeet. If BeOS would have all the feature included in OS X 10.2.6, it would be much slower. I think it would be a little much to expect him to gush about how great Linux is and how HP-UX is doomed with a capital D. I won’t buy anything from HP. 3. He uses ‘GNUs’ to refer to the GNU/Linux operating systems (and also BSD’s, etc…) and not to GNU applications like gcc and what have you. And it’s short, and it sounds good. At the other hand of the spectrum, what about thought-driven user interfaces? But wasn’t the Alpha a better chip than PA-RISC will ever be (moot now they’re moving to Itanium but still . For example, if you download findutils it will not compile. Too bad GNOME is not going to be supported – CDE is ridiculously dated. Sorry dude, only Linux and HURD should be called that name. Interesting analysis of a solid O/S that continues to be a leader in stability and features. Do you feel that “sharing” the platform with Windows and Linux can be as successful as running on your own platform? Recently HP canned the Gnome 2 porting project to HP-UX. It doesn’t have to be words, however. 2. You may have a bad experience with HP, but I don’t think it is fair. Intels bug-ridden compilers don’t help much either . There will be at least a couple of point releases, not just patches. Many of the BSD developers are not out there to topple any corporation, but rather just to provide a good system. There has not even been an update in five years! , I also was a bit annoyed by his calling BSD “one of the GNUs”. INTERVIEW Interview FAJE Grantees. He employs structured surveys and interviews with North Korean cross-border migrants to research contemporary North Korean society, politics, and economy. The OS would probably have disappeared from the public consciousness five years ago, weren’t it for Microsoft’s insistence on making it its main source of profit (so people have to _know_ what an OS is, otherwise they wouldn’t want to pay for one). Scrobbling is when tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. Add to Channel. !…LOL, And gcc is nice for the very verbose error messages and its ubiquity if nothing else (not quite as nice as IBMs Jikes Java compiler though, damn I love that piece of software). (If it weren’t for gcc being better, for example, it might still be using a non-GNU open source compiler early non-encumbered *BSD came with; and *BSD’s libcs are not from GNU either…) I guess such terms as “the GNUs” make sense if you’re trying to distinguish a propritary Unix from the free competition to laypeople, but he should have known better than to make such gross oversimplifactions on a OS enthusiast site. Apple ships tons of GNU tools with their BSD-based MacOSX. Nice to see that someone at HP cares about their product. .) If everyone could be guarenteed 100% uptime for monitors, that would be an engineering feat not comparable to anything done before. If GNU not do anything well, why HP/UX packaged Open Source applications? Read and understand. Very interesting, though I am not personally an Apple fanatic, and my PC and printer are coincidentlly from HP. 10 years on, he is now the father of 5 children: a 20 year old daughter born in France … . But then, humans take a few years to boot themselves, there’s a lot of hardware diagnostic tests to run (Test emergency alarm system; Test input processor; Test output ejector; Test low-power mode; Repeat). It’s not even close to offering what Solaris offers…. Interview de Christophe THERREY Item Preview podcast_interviews_interview-de-christophe-therre_1000140966201_itemimage.png . And Itanium is taking the top spot in performance regularly, from SPEC to TPC, yet you can buy Itanium workstations for less than $3500. An OS like HP-UX, AIX or Solaris cannot be considered in isolation of the platform it runs on. for everything new that has being added into 2.5 since it started. In the scalability side, as he knows, NEC has probed Linux scalability in one 32 Itanium 2 server and Intel report 600.000 tpmC in one 32-way Itanium 2 Linux server. Christophe Thivrier (16 May 1841 – 8 August 1895) was a French politician of working class origins who was the first Socialist mayor in France, and deputy of Allier from 1889 to 1895. Il est également l'un des chefs de file européens du pôle de compétences bancaire et financier du cabinet. Christophe de Dinechin: I have no idea why this decision was taken, but I guess it has something to do with the fact that the workstation market isn’t that hot right now. Interview with Christophe de Dinechin, HP-UX Engineer,, Interview with Vita Nuova CEO Michael Jeffrey, Linux Kernel Hacker Interview: Robert Love, Interview with Frans van Nispen of Xentronix and Sequel, [Updated with response from Apple] Macs are a privacy nightmare, It’s time to admit it: the X.Org Server is abandonware. This is a known bug, but it has not been fixed in five years! Anyone want to give me $6,349,223 so I can buy one and run my own tests? 2017 saw the publication of a series of interviews by Camille de Rijck in which Christophe Rousset shares his thoughts on music: L’impression que l’instrument chante, Éditions de la Cité de la Musique – Philharmonie de Paris (La rue musicale – … What are HP-UX’s advantages and disantvantages over AIX and Solaris, purely technically-speaking? The aims of the Association are to encourage and support research in … More. Today HP is pushing HP-UX mostly on Itanium processors and not on HP PA-RISCs. Don’t laugh, we would not have believed in 2 minutes boot times back when we had instant-on Apple IIs. As a result, >Digital Unix slipped into the middle tier of Unix vendors. He obviously is smarter then the masses running the bloated heaps of shit know as Gnome and KDE. But the 64-way system would crush the cluster on anything that couldn’t be partitioned the way TPC-C can. In response to someones preemptitive strike against GNU, I would just like to extend my gratitude to all free and open source developers, terms which are used interchangably, as I am very grateful for the tools they have made available to me such as TCP/IP, GNOME, GCC, KDE, and other things under a myriad of free licenses, both copyleft and non-copyleft, respectively. HP is always very pragmatic So, as long as we can maintain a strong value proposition with HP-UX, customers will keep buying it. Machines keep getting faster, boot times haven’t really changed much since windows 3.1. I don’t remember who did the ranking, but HP-UX was the best and the lowest ranked outside of SCO and the Linux world. Incidently, Oracle on Linux/x86 has really been improved. Windows or Linux and why? And then, in some ways I do not like GNU. The rest is (according to about 30% GNU, and 70% the rest, including the kernel. Official tennis player profile of Christophe Rochus on the ATP Tour. November availability. 1. It’s very unfair to call them GNU systems as certainly gcc does not constitute 30% of the system. Illustrating this trend: Java, OpenDoc (no OS, no applications, only documents), the Taos operating system (I hope that still explains somewhere what this architecture-independent OS was), the Linux compatibility layer in most Unix variants including HP-UX, Virtual PC for the Mac, etc. Linux might have some small market share as today but geeez, 50%? That would not be allowed if anyone except me would make a contribution to the installer. – One trend has almost never been broken: computers take more and more time to boot. Sure, gcc is not needed, but emacs and bash have no non GNU versions. Anyway, still a ways to go to catch IBM. 'History Was Accelerated in the Wake of BJP's 2019 Victory': The Wire Interviews Christophe Jaffrelot. Interviews; Christophe Beaux. Do you believe that each OS is built and is scalable to a specific market, or do you think that all OSes can be engineered to do (and do well) just about anything? 32-way power 4 @1700Mhz w/ DB2 scored 764,000. We literally covered the entire planet during these four days. What is to happen to Tru64, will they be new big releases or just patches from now on? This friend doesn’t use GCC? Oh my god! INTERVIEW Interview FAJE Grantees . A voice-mail system where you tap “1221” to get your last voice mails without even thinking about it is a simplistic form of what I call a vocabulary-based user interface. I personally don’t like CDE much. The long answer can be found on HP’s web site. But then, I’ve not been thrilled by Gnome or KDE either. See if things are good, people who know that use them. Microsoft is ready to lose a lot of money to conquer a new strategic position, see their current work on embedded systems, PDAs and cell phones. The development environment and ecosystem of technical solutions makes the difference. ? He was racing with Triathlon legends like Mark Allen, Scott Tinley, Dave Scott and many more back in the mid 80s until mid 90s. From a commercial point of view, we were targeting European retailers, who generated an average … Steve, Avie, Bertrand, don’t you want to port to HP-UX once more? They got very good TPC benchmarks lately. I have my doubts as to whether or not HP can deliver on it’s promise of incorporating tru64 advanced features into HP-UX. (And GNU zealots, please don’t start with the “*BSD wouldn’t be anywhere without GCC” bull-crap). So customers are starting to believe HP’s “high performance at low cost” statements. And then, David and Stephane wrote a book to explain how they did it, and HP published it. Berlin 2018. That stack of dual processor systems is certainly cheaper, too. Tru64 is one of the worst Unixes in stability and features. 9. I’m not buying a workstation from some comapny who can’t provide quality across the board. >The insides are based on Darwin and is GPL. On the other hand, I think that the GNU project deserves some recognition. Itanium supercomputers run Linux. Linux doesn’t need to make money. Covering the Springboks, Bulls, Stormers/Western Province, Sharks, Cheetahs, Kings and Lions, as well as schools … Christophe was born on October 13, 1945 in Juvisy-sur-Orge, Essonne, France as Daniel Bevilacqua. It’s more difficult with the GNUs. I don’t know about better, but it certainly didn’t have as many customers. Calling all “freedom-compatible” systems with a large GNU genom “the GNUs” seems like a good way to remind people of the GNU contribution. The only thing the BSD systems rely on GNU for is gcc. Christophe is a former professional triathlete who knows the triathlon sport especially in France inside out. The downside is that the GNUs tend to not do anything particularly well, with a few exceptions (BSD’s security is an example). I’m also curious what the 30% is in reference to…lines of code, bytes of code, bytes of binaries, number of binaries, or some other metric entirely? There are certainly alternatives, but the BSD systems come by default only with those alternatives anyways. , Raj wrote: [i]Isn’t Tru64 still a better Unix than HP-UX will ever be (probably had more customers too before Compaq/HP started to provaricate over the future OS roadmap) ? I have had 2 Acer monitors-one lasted 4 years the other lasted 6 months. No thanks!). Flag as Inappropriate SNIPERS - Interviews de … Let us know what you think of the website. HP are using Itanium to migrate their existing PA-RISC customers over, but it’s a double-edged sword – attracting new customers to HP-UX on Itanium is going to be very tough when there’s BSD, various Linuxes and even Windows that can run on exactly the same Itanium hardware as HP-UX does. Similarly, HP and Intel invested massively in Itanium. How’s the port of VMS to Itanium is progressing? On the other hand, if you want to know the details of the hardware, you can look at HP’s contributions to the Linux kernel. 2013 - Interviews de Laurent Brouat et Jean-Christophe Anna : Le recrutement 2.0 quels bénéfices pour l'entreprise ? When will it be ready for general consumption? Christophe Croze from France is my guest today here at Triathlon-Podcast. Plus, any company that has liquid cooled CPUs in their boxes is a-ok with me. David Mosberger and Stephane Eranian ported Linux to Itanium. For example: if I write a package under the GPL, I need to also place the installer under the GPL. Now, _that_ is a GUI I’d like to see on HP-UX. BSD may have had self-standing implementations with zero GNU contribution. With Christophe we discuss HP-UX’s … Windows competes in the traditional “enterprise” markets. I can’t remember who, but someone said tru64 sucks so it must be true…. I think you meant to say, “It’s easy to boot fast when an OS isn’t saddled with decades of cruft”. In the same phrase, please remember that MacOS X is based in FreeBSD. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. By France Today Editors - March 19, 2011. The BSDs are an entirely different beast all together. Watch Webcast. But to put down every product HP makes because of one faulty product you bought is insane. Artificial intelligence programs are gradually becoming part of the perfume development process. I use HP-UX and GNU/Linux all day. Linux competes more in the technical computing area. Most of you already know HP-UX, the leading “traditional” UNIX today feature-wise (second only to Solaris in Unix market-share, mostly competing with AIX). You don’t care much about the OS of a Palm Pilot or a network appliance or an ATM, and you shouldn’t. Also, HP-UX contains a lot of proprietary code, so I’m pretty sure we couldn’t open-source it if we wanted to. Period. The entire BSD userspace, ps, top, tar, etc are all BSD licensed programs with no help from GNU. In all cases, on a typical system, GNU in general represents the most important single contribution (even more so if ranked by usefulness rather than by line of codes, IMHO). If you need emacs, gcc and bash to make a system usable, then nearly no system including HP-UX can be considered usable without GNU. Mr. Bryam wrote: In the scalability side, as he knows, NEC has probed Linux scalability in one 32 Itanium 2 server and Intel report 600.000 tpmC in one 32-way Itanium 2 Linux server. At this time the industrialists of France were using dismissals and other forms of repression in an attempt to stamp out socialism, and workers were … Great interview, by the way. My mom bought a monitor from them for $500 and it died on her two years later. View Abstract. According to this FAQ, HP is committed to develop new versions until at least 2004, including support for up to 64 processors, and transition tools to HP-UX. And it sounds petty, if you ask me. >DEC’s Unix transition was handled very badly. Christophe de Dinechin: Both are very serious competitors. Christophe Baffos is head of hospitality and tourism at Bournemouth & Poole College, whose Escoffier restaurant is taking part in Goût de … It uses the Mach kernel. Today, on any free OS, including BSD, you find mostly the same (user-space) stuff, and a lot of it can be attributed to GNU origin. Today we host an interview with Christophe de Dinechin, Software Architect in HP-UX (Software business unit, Infrastructure Solutions). Clustered vs. non-clustered results on the TPC-C test are not comparable because TPC-C is so darn easy to partition. But in my opinion, the major differentiator is Itanium. Christophe De Block Hypoglycaemia with mealtime fast-acting insulin aspart versus insulin aspart across two large type 1 diabetes trials Oral Presentation # 59 Watch Webcast. – The OS itself will probably fade into the background where it belongs. Good interview. One of the key values of HP-UX is reliability, as in “if it crashes, if it doesn’t run well, if there is a missing feature, we take the blame and we help you”. Both because I don’t know much and because I would have to kill you if I told you. Only the kernel really differs. Christophe Loir - Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) talks about history of mobility Flow[n] interviews Christophe Loir on Vimeo Join It was worse quality than her eMachine. The story goes that while the VMS move from VAX to Alpha showed how well a transition of architectures can be managed, DEC’s Unix transition was handled very badly. But the 64-way system would crush the cluster on anything that couldn’t be partitioned the way TPC-C can. Its all a matter of how they were built and mostly good luck. Jean-Christophe and his team have been driving a significant growth for AppNexus in the EMEA region, signing many strategic Ad tech Display and Video partnerships, with leading publisher and media groups, Telcos and broadcasters such as Schibsted, Le Figaro, Prisa, Lagardère, De Piersgroup, Sanoma, TF1, Mail … Christophe Galtier: “Without Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan will have to tweak their system.” Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of Lille’s clash with AC Milan in the Europa League on Thursday, manager Christophe Galtier reacted to the absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the Italians, as well as the passing … Is not 600.000 tpmC @ 32 procesors very amazing compared to 750.000 tpmC @ 64 proc? Connect your Spotify account to your account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. Very interesting. Still the Alpha & Tru64 are now heading to the great processor / os graveyard in the sky . Lyon considering move for Christophe Galtier in 2021. How do you feel of the open source movement? You were able to learn a lot about French fashion designer Christophe Guillarme on our pages in last year's report I wrote reporting from Mougins, France, the fantastic exhibition organized by Sesame & … This is the reason I disagree with your comment. The Apples were instant-on? La Voix du Nord reports that Lyon are in active opening talks with Lille boss Christophe Galtier about a move next summer, with current boss Rudi Garcia’s contract expiring in June 2021 and him being unlikely to receive an extension offer.. Galtier’s existing deal with Les … Christophe de Dinechin: I have a significant investment in open source myself. By the way, thinking about how to program these things ultimately is one of the things that drove me to develop Mozart.

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